Sunday, January 23, 2011

Kelowna RCMP and Airport Security

The recent incident in Kelowna with an RCMP officer videotaped kicking a man that seems to be complying with directions being given is deeply troubling for the average citizen of this country. We live in Canada, we don't expect our policeman to be all Hollywood, where you kick the guy in the face and ask questions later. The link to the video is here for you to see...

Another recent video showing an abuse of power on a Canadian.

Yet another story of abuse of power where an 82 year old woman was humiliated at the Calgary airport.

Where has our society come to when the people we are paying to protect us use that power to abuse our basic rights, humiliate us, and use bodily force to beat us.

These are the people we pay to serve and protect us.

We need to go back to where the police are here to protect us, not where we need protection from them and I believe it needs to come from the top. The people of Canada need to change out the policy makers and policy implementers at the top of this chain of command.

We are all being treated like criminals before we ever see the courthouse. At the airport they have extensive search procedures that really amount to nothing other than abuse of our basic rights. Now they are using scanners that not only pose health risks, but humiliate our very dignity.

We need to as a people send a clear message to the policy makers that we have had enough, no longer will we accept the abuse of our basic human rights. We will no longer let you hide behind that this is all for our protection. I could provide you a list of examples where we have seen the lies used to manipulate but I am sure it is not necessary.

We need to go back to where it is instilled into the police officer that they are being paid to protect and serve. They are not there to generate revenue for ICBC, not there to enforce HOV infractions, and where force should be the last resort. Change the mentality, stop saying you are on the Force, try the mindset where you say you are a servant of the people.

At the airport, look for drugs and use the metal detectors, get some dogs for the drugs and train the people to interact with common decency.

No more scanners and pat downs, if you are going to pat someone down, you better have good cause.

It is easy to change when there is a will. Change comes when it meets Need.

There is always a way to make us more safe as they say, but at what cost. If that is their logic, why not have us strip down to nothing and have us probed or maybe it will come to that unless we act now.

Had enough, if so have you called, emailed or written your MLA.  If you need their address I can help you find it. The power rests with us, not them, we just choose to leave it in the hands of those that believe they have a right to it. They do NOT.

All spelling and grammatical errors are intentional and inserted for comedic relief.

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